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Thank you for the support you are providing our schools. If superintendents and principals were aware of the seriousness of teacher student loan debt in their respective faculties there would be no hesitation in scheduling this briefing for a faculty meeting. The worry from the burden of debt is a distraction that is carried from home into the classroom each day. The fear of taking on debt is a barrier to continuing education. Now we have a tool available to us that can mitigate the effects of these issues. The federal programs, when properly explained, will encourage teachers to continue their education, minimizing, or eliminating, the need for student loans. The positive effect on teacher retention is sufficient reason alone, to make these programs available to the entire faculty. We are encouraging every one of our schools to schedule the briefing.
Dr. Jeff Geihs, Associate Superintendent, Turnaround Zone, Clark County School District, Las Vegas, NV

Art, this is for real. I personally don't know Ashley, but I do know Jeremy Flores, for whom she works. Jeremy and his staff have worked on Maui and Molokai. They have actually help teachers reduce their student loans. On Jeremy's first visit to Molokai, teachers were extremely skeptical until results were produced. I completely endorse their work with teachers.

From personal experience, it helps if you provide information to the teachers before their arrival. I asked Jeremy to provide me with a write up prior, which I sent out in advance.

They have also worked in central Maui as well.
Lindsay Ball Complex Area Superintendent, Lanai, Molokai, Hawaii
William Arakaki, Complex Area Superintendent, Kauai Schools

I am the current principal at Prattville Junior H.S. in Prattville, AL. We had one of your representatives do a presentation at our ending faculty meeting for the 12-13 school year. I have had several teachers begin the process of taking advantage of your program. I thank you on their behalf. I was so busy at the time and because

I personally have no loan debt, that I did not ask questions for myself. I was wondering if your program(s) might help me educate my children. I have a senior this year and certainly am looking for any help I can get. I have served in schools that qualify for the program for the last 20 years.
Kenneth Childree, Principal, Prattville Junior High School, Prattville, AL

The Presentation was received well. I think that the right people were present, our younger teachers with loans, and those thinking about heading back to school. My secretary was able to get some info as well for her daughter, a first year teacher.
Giffen Trotter. Principal, Hester Jr. High, Franklin Park IL

Thank you for offering such great info. My teachers were thrilled to have someone educate them on what opportunities are out there. I have several forms that I will be scanning and emailing to you tomorrow. I have been waiting to give a few teachers who asked for more info to bring me their forms so I can send one email and not overload your inbox. Again, thank you so much for contacting us and coming out to present the information.
Kathy Pitner, Administrative Assistant to the Principal, Ridgeland High School, Rossville, GA

Thank you for your Help. I called Sallie Mae, and I was able to lower my loan payment by 66%. I will pay the $41. a month for 5 years. The rest ($5,000) is forgiven !!! I will save over $5,000. I am so grateful that your representative came to talk to us at Henderson Middle School ! I would not have been able to lower my loan amount otherwise. Thank you again !!
Blanca E. Cervantes, Counselor, Henderson MS, El Paso Texas

Help is just a phone call away! Teachers, please take the time to talk to one of the experts at Student Resource USA. They will answer all your questions and provide detailed information on how you can lower your student loan payments. In addition, they will guide you step-by-step and provide all the paperwork you will need to fill out.
Alberta Hernandez, Teacher, San Antonio, TX

As an educator, I was introduced to Student Resource USA (SRUSA) through an informational meeting on student loan forgiveness and other similar types of programs at my school site. A representative visited the school and gave us some quick abridged information concerning various types of student loan forgiveness programs, grants for continuing education, and federal incentives. … I was given information on federal programs for teachers that I did not even know existed … Because of that information, I was able to consolidate my student loans and apply for two federal loan forgiveness programs that will eliminate around 3/4 of the total outstanding balance! My monthly loan payment was automatically reduced from around $500 a month to a minimal $50 a month, with no added penalty or additional interest for me to repay! … I highly recommend that anyone with outstanding student loans or an interest in returning to a college or university to contact SRUSA for information.
Joel Peixoto, Teacher, Von Toble Middle School, Las Vegas, NV

I would like to thank you for all your help. You have given me some very helpful advice concerning my student loans and finding an online university. I don't think I would be getting ready to complete my Master's degree without your help. I cannot say it enough, Thank you for all your help.
Tami Southwood, Teacher, Santa Fe South Elementary, Oklahoma City, OK

SRUSA helped me achieve my goal of completing a Masters Degree in teaching. They made the process painless for me. They followed up with Universities on my behalf, and helped me understand all of the options for grad school. … There is NO WAY I would have completed my Masters were it not for … Student Resource USA. This organization has helped make me a more qualified and better teacher, and I am forever grateful.
Kelli Waldrop, Teacher, Forrest View, High School, Gastonia, NC

You were so wonderful to work with and helped my fiancé and me understand my loans and options for the future. On your own time with no cost to me, you took time out of your evening to make sure we understood the loan forgiveness plan and what my options are. I would recommend you to any of my colleagues that need help with their loans. I work for Mukwonago, WI school district. Thanks again for your help and will definitely contact you with any further questions Randi Kuhnau, Teacher, Mukwonago, Wisconsin

Just wanted give you a follow up on how our loan forgiveness applications are going. My wife just got word that she is approved for the $17,500!!! She was so excited and so am I. That is and extra $200 a month we don't have to pay in student loans. Thank you for taking the time to talk with me about our situation. As I told you before, she was told she could not apply before, but after talking to you she applied and received her loan forgiveness. I'm still waiting to hear if mine was approved or not, but I don't see any reason It would be denied. That will be another $5,000 forgiven as well. Thanks again for your time and help with everything. Tim Hansen, Spitler Elementary School Hart, MI

I wanted to thank you for taking your time and giving me great advice about my students loans. I was able to get my payments down by more than 50%. I truly appreciate it.
Gabrielle Apa, Teacher, Frank Macias Elementary School, El Paso, Texas

Thank you for your help with a federal payment plan for my student loans, and understanding that eventually, I will be eligible to have my loan balances forgiven. I had been contacted by another organization that wanted to charge me $999 for what you explained was available to me at no cost. I am so glad that you came to my school to explain the various federal programs that are available to help teachers with their student loans, past and future.
Kelsey Watson, Teacher, Barryton, MI

Not too long ago my wife and I were contacted by an organization that, for a substantial fee, would help us apply for one of the student loan forgiveness programs. We thought what a wonderful relief that we were only going to pay a fraction of what we owed. With bachelors and masters degrees, we have quite a bit to pay back. Bart, a representative of SRUSA, called following a briefing at our school on federal programs for student loan forgiveness. He said that there should be no charge for what the government intended to be a free benefit. He calculated the potential benefit which was better than what I was told previously. I was so relieved that we were provided with the correct information. It saved us from paying a sizable fee. He provided several links to student loan forgiveness information. There was no charge for his help. I would like to thank Bart and SRUSA, because he never tried to push any kind of sale. His only concern was to get our loans legitimately consolidated, our payments reduced and our loan balances eventually forgiven. We are in the process of realizing substantial debt relief on our student loans.
James Apsey, Teacher, Frank Macias Elementary School, El Paso, TX