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Masters in Education – Educational Technology

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Master of Education
Educational Technology Emphasis

The Master of Education program will enrich and advance teachers with a focus on the core foundations of teaching and learning. Earning a MED degree can also lead current teachers to leadership roles.

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Master of Education Core Classes

24 credits

EDU610Research Methods and Procedures (3 credits)
EDU612Curriculum Planning and Organization (3 credits)
Teaching Reading in the Secondary School
Teaching Reading Skills and Comprehension (3 credits)
EDU621Assessing Student Learning (3 credits)
EDU623Technology in Education (3 credits)
EDU625Instructional Leadership Skills in the Classroom (3 credits)
EDU628Advanced Instructional Strategies (3 credits)
EDU630Diagnostic and Remedial Strategies in the Content Areas (3 credits)

Educational Technology Courses

9 credits

EDU641Integrating Technology into The Curriculum (3 credits)
EDU642Using Technology to Assess Learning and Manage Data (3 credits)
EDU643New and Emerging Technologies (3 credits)

Degree Outcomes


The Master of Education program seeks to provide opportunities for the teacher candidates to acquire skills to:

  • Evaluate instructional strategies and build a variety of teaching modules that will improve learning within the classroom and school.
  • Use professional materials, organizations, and current research to expand knowledge about innovations and trends in education to improve instruction in the elementary and secondary school.
  • Design and implement research studies that observe, record, and evaluate children’s behavior in order to plan appropriate instructional programs and improve learning environments.
  • Acquire greater knowledge as to appropriate research methodology and analysis of current trends in education and the implication for today’s schools.

Educational Technology Emphasis

With changing times, it is necessary to change oneself and this applies to every sphere of life. In case of education too this change needs to be adapted to. This is the reason why implementing technology in classrooms is the need of the hour. In today’s classroom the use of technology in education has become popular and many teachers are seeking supplemental knowledge in this area. At MySRUSA, we believe that the right use of technology, students can be encouraged to pursue their masters degree as well. The utilization of technology in any classroom not only increases the interest of the students but also leads to better dissemination of information. Candidates enrolled in the online masters of education program are now allowed to take 9 extra elective hours in education and technology. A total of 12 graduate hours of emphasis in using technology would enable the candidate to expand their technological expertise and qualify them for a computer applications endorsement.

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  • TEACH Grant Eligible
    (Up to $8,000)
  • Course Length
    8 weeks
  • Total Program Credits
    33 credits
  • Transfer Credits
    Up to 6 credits
  • Flexible Course Schedule

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