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Masters in Special Education Teaching

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Master's in Special Education Training

The curriculum, developed around national special education standards, is designed to help you effectively teach children who have a variety of learning disabilities and come from diverse populations. You will study the latest strategies, practices, and techniques for teaching children with learning disabilities and participate in field experiences that will allow you to apply your skills in real-life situations.

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Core Courses

24 quarter credits

ED5006Survey of Research Methodology (4 quarter credits)
ED5007Foundations of Educational Leadership (4 quarter credits)
ED5500Standards-Based Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment (4 quarter credits)
ED5501Assessment and Improvement of Instruction (4 quarter credits)
ED5503Classroom Management Strategies (4 quarter credits)
ED5504Strategies for Eliminating the Achievement Gap (4 quarter credits)

Specialization Courses

22 quarter credits

ED5700Foundations of Special Education (4 quarter credits)
ED5701Assessment and Planning for Special Education Students (4 quarter credits)
ED5702Instruction for Special Education Students (4 quarter credits)
ED5712Communication, Consultation, and Collaboration for Special Education (4 quarter credits)
ED5714Programming and Leadership for Diverse Groups Capstone (6 quarter credits)

Learning Disabled (LD) Endorsement Courses

12 quarter credits

ED5705Instruction for Learning Disabled Students (4 quarter credits)
ED5715Foundations of Learning Disabilities (4 quarter credits)
ED5716Assessment Practices and Programming for Students with Learning Disabilities (4 quarter credits)

Degree Outcomes

Common jobs with an online Master's in Special Education Teaching include special education teacher, special education consultant, adjunct or part-time faculty, and teacher mentor or supervisor. Potential workplaces include: P–12 public school, alternative school, land-based or online college or university, hospital or clinic, nonprofit organization, and residential facility or private tutoring company.

Who the program is for:

With your Master's in Special Education Teaching, you'll understand the role and structure of special education within the educational system and learn to ethically and professionally apply policy and procedures. Additionally, you'll have the ability to plan, implement, and evaluate curriculum and instructional strategies to enhance and promote learning and collaborate effectively with all stakeholders to support individuals with exceptional needs.

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  • TEACH Grant Eligible
    (Up to $8,000)
  • Course Length
    10 weeks
  • Total Program Credits
    46 quarter credit
  • Transfer Credits
    Up to 12 quarter credits
  • Flexible Course Schedule
  • Other grants available

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