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Nothing gives us a better feeling than when we hear from students who have found success by working with Student Resource USA. Success stories are the pay-off for all the work we put in to helping professionals like you every day. It’s hard work, but a big “Thank you” from someone we’ve helped is really all we need to keep going.

I want to thank Arlene DeLise and Student Resource USA for all of their assistance with my loan forgiveness process. She informed me that I was eligible for forgiveness opportunities that I was not aware were available. Arlene quickly returned every phone call and email, and continued to support me when certain agencies made the process challenging. She encouraged me to hang in there and fight for what I was entitled to as a Collaborative teacher in a Title I school. She was always patient listening to my frustrations and answering questions. Every time I spoke with her, she would take as much time as I needed to answer all of my questions and address my concerns. I will forever be grateful to Arlene and Student Resource USA, because if it had not been for them, I would have a much higher balance on my student loans. Thank you again! - Sarah Gambles

Ashley helped me achieve my goal of completing a Masters Degree in teaching.  She made the process painless for me.  She quickly returned every phone call and email, followed up with Universities on my behalf, and helped me understand all of the options for grad school.  She was incredibly patient listening and answering questions, trying to get to know me to help me make a decision that would best suit my needs.  She spent as much time as I needed, every time I spoke with her.  There is NO WAY I would have completed my Masters were it not for Ashley and Student Resource USA.  This company has helped make me a more qualified and better teacher, and I am forever grateful. - Kelli Waldrop, NC

I am the current principal at Prattville Junior H.S. in Prattville, AL. We had one of your representatives do a presentation at our ending faculty meeting for the 12-13 school year. I have had several teachers begin the process of taking advantage of your program. I thank you on their behalf. I was so busy at the time and because I personally have no loan debt, that I did not ask questions for myself. I was wondering if your program(s) might help me educate my children. I have a senior this year and certainly am looking for any help I can get. I have served in schools that qualify for the program for the last 20 years. - Kenneth Childree, Principal, AL

I would like to thank you for all your help.  You have given me some very helpful advice concerning my student loans and finding an online university. I don't think I would be getting ready to complete my Master's degree without your help.  I cannot say it enough, Thank you for all your help. - Tami Southwood, OK

Thank you for offering such great info. My teachers were thrilled to have someone educate them on what opportunities are out there. I have several forms that I will be scanning and emailing to you tomorrow. I have been waiting to give a few teachers who asked for more info to bring me their forms so I can send one email and not overload your inbox. Again, thank you so much for contacting us and coming out to present the information. - Kathy Pitner, GA

Maria, I wanted to take a moment and let you know how valuable your help was/is to me. You made the transition for me to return to college the best experience by far. You took the fear I had and turned it into Courage and Motivation! I could not of done this without you and my gratitude is forever yours! - Marina Scott, RN-BSN, Summerville, SC

Help is just a phone call away! Teachers, please take the time to talk to one of the experts at Student Resource USA. They will answer all your questions and provide detailed information on how you can lower your student loan payments. In addition, they will guide you step-by-step and provide all the paperwork you will need to fill out. Thank you Matthew Lugo for all your help!!! I really enjoyed talking to you and I can't thank you enough for giving me that peace of mind. - Alberta Duran, TX

I can't thank you and your colleagues enough for providing me with the information necessary to locate available funds for teacher loan forgiveness. I have to admit, I was skeptical at first, but now that I've been notified that my graduate loan has been paid for, I am ecstatic and a true believer in your website information! The money couldn't have come at a better time with the economy the way it is. I have since informed the staff here at WPS that the information you supplied was well worth the effort of investigation and that if they qualify, they must apply! I can't thank you enough for your help, professionalism, and information.You are a true barer of great joy! - Michele Colebank

As an educator, I was introduced to Student Resource USA through an informational meeting on student loan forgiveness and other similar types of programs at my school site.  A representative visited the school and gave us some quick abridged information concerning various types of student loan forgiveness programs, grants for continuing education, and federal incentives for returning to school. For further information I contacted Trevor Mariner, labeled as THE most knowledgeable representative and regional contact for SRUSA.  Mr. Mariner was amazingly prompt at returning my calls and exceptionally helpful in guiding me toward programs that would fit my individual needs.  Not only did Mr. Mariner inform me of federal programs for teachers that I did not even know existed, but he was helpful at breaking down technical terminology to make it so clear to understand.  Because of Mr. Mariner's expertise and information, I was able to consolidate $40,000 of my student loans and enroll in two federal loan forgiveness programs that will eliminate around 3/4 of the total outstanding balance!  My monthly loan payment was automatically reduced from around $500 a month to a minimal $50 a month, with no added penalty or additional interest for me to repay!  Similarly, Mr. Mariner was able to recommend and connect me to an enrollment counselor at Capella University, a highly accredited and respected online school.  Because of the connection with SRUSA, I have recently deferred my student loan repayments and am already four months into earning my second master's degree.  SRUSA's networking lead me to receive a 25% tuition reduction for Capella and an $8000 federal grant for teachers, allowing me to earn my degree and administrative endorsements in about a year for only $3000. I have since referred other teachers and friends with student loans to Mr. Mariner and his information on federal loan forgiveness programs.  I highly recommend anyone with outstanding student loans or an interest in returning to a college or university to contact Mr. Mariner or other knowledgeable SRUSA representatives for further information. - Joel Peixoto I was very hesitant to consider Student Resource USA to help me go back to school until I received that first phone call from Nick Quiroz. I owe all my thank yous to him. Going back to school was a scary decision, but Nick made me feel more relaxed and confident that I could do it. He was incredibly helpful from the beginning all the way to the end. He was a constant source of encouragement and answered all my questions thoroughly. The whole process was quite enjoyable because of him. Now I am well on my way to getting my Master's degree. I would definitely recommend Student Resource USA to anyone who wants to further their education and I would send them straight to Nick! -  Rhonda Baker In the Spring of 2008, a representative from Student Resources USA came to my school district to speak with teachers about continuing education and possible funding assistance. I was very interested in furthering my education to become a better teacher. I contacted Ryan at SRUSA and began to learn about colleges, financial aid, grants, and loan forgiveness programs for earning an additional degree in education. Ryan asked all the right questions to help me determine the path I wanted to take and the best way to achieve my goals. My admission fee was waived when I applied to Capella University, and within a month my financial aid had been worked out, and I was a real college student again! Three years later I had earned my PhD in Education with a specialization in online learning. To my surprise, I received another call from SR USA, to follow up on how I was doing. This time, I was able to get a tremendous amount of help getting the right forms and filling out the paper work for loan forgiveness programs. I was surprised that SRUSA still had my information and called after 3 years to see how I was doing. I highly recommend Student Resources USA if you are considering earning a college degree and need the encouragement and assistance to make it happen! -  Luanne P. Schnase, PhD I took out federal loans to advance my career as a special education teacher I was overwhelmed making my monthly loan payments for undergrad and grad school. I called Rozetta for help and she had a very calming and  positive disposition that I found to be reassuring in my time of need. She walked me through all of my options, including contingency plans on how I can get help with my loan repayment. She was with me every step of the way! With the help of Rozetta I received a loan forgiveness of $17,500 in September 2013! This is a huge burden that has been lifted from my family!  Thank You.  - Naima J. Cook

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