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MAT in Science

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Master of Arts
Science (5-9)

Become a science teacher and earn your master’s degree online. The online graduate degree in science education combines preparation for licensure as a middle school or high school science teacher with coursework to earn a master’s degree. You will become a highly qualified science teacher with the skills and knowledge to be an effective, engaging educator.

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31 Competency Units (credit equivalents)

Foundations of Teaching Practice Integration(4 competency units)
Instructional Planning and Presentation(1 competency unit)
Applications in Instructional Planning and Presentation in Science(1 competency unit)
Fundamentals of Science, Technology and Society(1 competency unit)
Applications of Science, Technology and Society(1 competency unit)
Pre-Clinical Experiences in Science(2 competency units)
Science Teaching and Learning(2 competency units)
Supervised Demonstration Teaching in Science(12 competency units)
Teacher Work Sample in Science(1 competency unit)
Professional Portfolio in Science(1 competency unit)
Cohort Seminar in Science(1 competency unit)
Foundations of Research(2 competency units)
Literature Reviews for Educational Research(2 competency units)

Degree Outcomes

In this online science education degree program, you’ll learn all the essential skills and knowledge needed. This program includes the following areas of study, supervised practice teaching in an actual classroom, and completion of a professional portfolio.

  • Teacher Education Foundations
  • General Education
  • Teacher Education Diversity
  • General Science Content
  • Science Education
  • Preclinical Experiences
  • Instructional Planning and Presentation
  • Demonstration Teaching (includes practice teaching)

Who the program is for:

  • Individuals who already hold a bachelor’s degree (preferably in science or a related field), want to become a certified middle school or high school science teacher, and earn a master’s degree.
  • Unlicensed substitute teachers, career changers, retired military personnel, school paraprofessionals, and others with bachelor’s degrees who feel the call to teach.
  • Individuals who can typically spend 15 or more hours per week on their studies.

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  • TEACH Grant Eligible
    (Up to $8,000)
  • Competency-Based, Not Credit Hour Based
  • Total Program Credits
    35 Competency Units
  • Flexible Course Schedule
  • Other Grants Available

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