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Student Resource USA is a cent per cent free resource specifically aimed at professionals and teachers who are aiming to reach the upper echelons of their personal and career goals. Student Resource USA Services available for Teachers:

Title I Loan Forgiveness:

Over the years by virtue of the various presentations done all over U.S. we have come to the conclusion that most of the teachers have just heard about Title I Loan Forgiveness and that is the only thing that they have heard about. This is owing to the fact that they do not know further details regarding the program. They do not know the eligibility criteria, the time period required to qualify for the program or something as important as to how the paperwork is to be filled out in the right manner so that it does not get returned or rejected. This is where we step in, to do more than just answering questions and clearing doubts. At Student Resource USA we believe that it is essential to raise as much awareness regarding this largely underserved area of teacher loan forgiveness and provide our services in the best possible manner, so that we can provide this nation with more and more number of skilled teachers who in turn can provide us with future leaders.

TEACH Grant:

At Students Resource USA we believe in providing the right candidates with the resources which will enable them to reach their full potential. The aim of the TEACH Grant program is to help financially those individuals who are willing to serve areas where there is a great dearth of teachers. For teachers serving such areas $4,000 will be provided every academic year for two years. This program is beneficial not just for teachers but also for administrators who are desirous of attracting as well as retaining talent.

Here it needs to be stated that any teacher can use the Title I Loan Forgiveness together with the TEACH Grant. On doing so, teachers become eligible for $8,000 plus an additional $5,000 which makes pursuing higher education a not so difficult task as one may think of it.

Although any local university can take part in one of the programs eligible for the TEACH grant, the advantage of working in tandem with Student Resource USA is that we have collaborated with schools which are nationally accredited all over U.S. to offer over 40 TEACH Grant eligible programs. This in turn translates to only one meaning viz. teachers can pursue programs such as those of Administration, Curriculum and Instruction, Technology in the classroom, and many more such programs and yet at the same time qualify for the TEACH Grant.

Public Service Loan Forgiveness:

There is a vast pool of teachers who pay large amounts every month as interest towards their student loans. The federal government has pointed out they are not getting enough number of teachers. The reason behind this being the fact that the very same teachers don’t have the cognizance about the entire process and the necessary requirements in order to get the Public Service Loan Forgiveness Program Initiated. Consequently, this program happens to be one of the most underutilized. The most pertinent question is what exactly does this program do and how is it beneficial for the teachers? The best part of this program is that it provides forgives the student loan which the teachers are saddled with and reduces the amount of money which the teachers have to pay every month. Apart from this it also allows the remainder of their student loans to be forgiven if and only if a total 120 monthly payments have already been made. This is how the loan is forgiven per se and that is how the program derives its name.


At Student Resource USA, we collaborate with the top ranked schools which share our vision of helping teachers by channeling funds in the form of teacher scholarships so that they can focus on achieving their educational goals. In some cases we have disbursed $100,000 for scholarships, for use by school districts on their teachers. Scholarships are also dispensed individually to teachers who attend our presentations. Being amongst the largest organizations which helps teachers grow both personally and professionally in U.S., we provide over $500,000 towards teacher scholarships every month who can be from any of the myriad specializations available.